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Slip and Fall Attorney

Every day we travel onto property owned by others. We as a society depend on the owner of the property (whether it be a business, an individual owner) to keep the property in good repair and to keep pits, spills, and other issues on the property in good repair. If you have been injured on another person’s property because they have not kept it in good repair, you weren’t warned of a dangerous condition or they haven’t cleaned up a spill after a reasonable amount of time you may have a claim for injuries and need to speak with a slip and fall attorney.

slippery staircase fall hazard
    Types of dangerous hazards that often lead to injuries when not repaired include: puddles of water, grease, oil or any other liquid that are allowed to remain in an area. These issues often arise from a lack of attention or proper policies to continue checking the premises for problems, deteriorated areas or slippery conditions.

Our attorneys will be glad to speak with you about your Premises Liability claim in a free consultation. Claims for personal injury often include the amount of medical expenses, as well as possible pain and suffering damages. Call our slip and fall attorney to discuss your claim.