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Mississippi 18-Wheeler Wreck Attorney

Auto accidents are very dangerous because they normally involve two automobiles that each weigh around a ton traveling with speed. In 18 wheeler wreck attorney accidents one of the vehicles weighs as much as 17 tons, (34,000 pounds!) and can be traveling just as fast as a car that is much smaller than the truck. Also, big rigs often have blind spots and can’t see the cars that are immediately around them.

We see wreck cases at an alarming rate where one of the drivers was distracted or so fatigued that they could barely keep their eyes open. It is scary enough that the average driver is in control of a 2,000 to 4,000 pound vehicle but it is terrifying to think that an 18-wheeler driver is fatigued or looking at a cell phone screen or text message when he is driving an 18-wheeler rig weighing in at 80,000 pounds and traveling 70 miles per hour.

   Drivers of 18-wheelers are required to log their hours on the road compared to hours of sleep. This information is very important in any 18 wheeler case to show how long a driver had been up and when or where the last place he got a good nights sleep was. Without this rest these 18-wheeler owner operators become dangerous on the road.

Also many states require that drivers of any sort use hands-free cellular devices or not use cell phones at all while driving. It has been shown that the kind of distraction caused by cell-phones or on-board computers leads to slower reaction times and more crashes.

If you have been involved in an 18 wheeler wreck in Mississippi, call us for a free consultation about your case. We know how much paperwork there is in a wreck and how many phone calls to an insurance company there may be. We will help you get back to your normal life while we communicate with your insurance and work for you to see that justice is done. Contact Us.