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Auto accidents are very dangerous because you have two machines that each weigh around a ton traveling with speed. We all have the duty to drive as a reasonable person like us would drive in the same situation. (to not drive negligently) If a driver fails to drive as a reasonable person would drive and causes and accident or injury in another person then there may be a claim for negligence against another driver. Experienced car wreck attorneys can evaluate your claim and see what the insurance company is willing to pay a lawyer.

Jackson Mississippi Car Wreck Attorney
   More and more in our recent car wreck cases we have seen distracted driving. Drivers who cause wrecks are often using their cell phones to surf the internet, write an email or send a text message instead of keeping their eyes on the road. This type of distracted driving (texting while driving, cell phone use while driving) is the subject of new laws in several states. It is easy to see why so many car wrecks and 18-wheeler wrecks in Mississippi occur when eyes are on a screen rather than paying attention to where other vehicles are on the road. In the car wreck and 18-wheeler wreck cases we work on one of the first steps we take is to get the entirety of the cell phone records for the driver who caused the wreck. If activity on the phone is shown during the time immediately before the wreck it becomes clear just how the wreck occurred.

Our firm completely supports the recent campaigns to stop texting and driving or emailing and driving as these activities cause major motor vehicle accidents where people lose their lives. With just a little more attention on the road and self control many individuals would still be alive and with their families.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident call our car wreck attorney for a free consultation about your case. We know how much paperwork there is in a wreck and how many phone calls to an insurance company there may be. We will help you get back to your normal life while we communicate with your insurance and work for you to see that justice is done.

In Mississippi the statute that determines who has the right of way and who should have yielded the right of way is Mississippi Code Statute 63-3-1003 which is entitled “Designation of yield right-of-way entrances; conduct of driver at yield right-of-way intersection; proof of failure to yield right-of-way.”


(1) The state highway commission with reference to state highways under its jurisdiction and local authorities with reference to other highways under their jurisdiction may, when traffic conditions warrant such action, give preference to traffic through any intersection on any highway and designate specified entrances to said intersections as yield right-of-way entrances by erecting yield-right-of-way signs in lieu of stop signs as required or permitted in section 63-3-1001.

(2) The driver of a vehicle in obedience to a yield-right-of-way sign shall reduce the speed of his vehicle to not more than twenty miles per hour and shall yield the right of way to other vehicles which have entered the intersecting highway either from the right or left or which are approaching so closely on said intersecting highway as to constitute an immediate hazard. However, said driver having so yielded may proceed at such time as a safe interval occurs. (3) If a driver is involved in a collision at an intersection or interferes with the movement of other vehicles after driving past a yield-right-of-way sign, such collision or interference shall be deemed prima facie evidence of the driver’s failure to yield right-of-way.