18 Wheeler Accident Attorney In Jackson

Car wrecks happen each day and when an injury occurs in a wreck an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Jackson. Knowledgeable attorneys have the answers you need in order to present and collect on your medical bills and property damage in the wreck. The sooner the better in contacting an attorney and discussing your insurance coverage, your injuries and your property damage.

Getting appropriate medical care and documenting the wreck and your injuries will be important in your ongoing claim. Your visit to your primary care physician or to the Emergency Room immediately after the wreck will guide your medical care. Depending on your injuries these doctors will likely recommend a course of treatment or additional diagnostic studies that may need to be performed to determine exactly the physical injury.

In any 18 wheeler accident, the process of determining how the wreck occurred is of utmost importance. Often eyewitnesses to the wreck help in the process of allowing the officer on the scene to prepare a report and a diagram of how the wreck occurred. Providing the officer at the scene as much information as possible will be very important in the process.

Simple rules to follow if you have a wreck:

  • Ask any witness to the wreck to stay
  • Take photos of the scene of the wreck
  • Seek out any needed medical treatment
  • Only speak to the officer at the scene of the wreck


Wrongful Death Jackson MS

The death of a loved one is never easy, but speaking with a Wrongful Death Attorney can answer questions you may have about a death in Mississippi. Any death comes with its own set of issues, but an untimely death that is a result of someone else’s wrongdoing makes tings that much harder to bear.

An estate will need to be opened in order to make some of the claims involved with the death, while the wrongful death beneficiaries can bring claims outside of the estate for some other aspects of the claim.

Any claim for wrongful death damages will include a request for the loss of the relationship, emotional damages and the lost wages over the lifetime of the deceased individual. Specialists in psychiatry and economics can ensure that an entire recovery is possible in the claim. Our firm works to line these experts up and provide them with the information they need to make clear the entire value of a wrongful death claim.

The process of retaining a wrongful death attorney can answer many questions and simplify the process of making a claim. Free consultations are always available and are given with no obligation. Answering your questions and giving you a plan moving forward is our goal.

Finance Fraud

Finance Fraud

Finance Fraud involves lending institutions which typically target the most vulnerable people in society.

These lenders are commonly referred to as “Predatory Lenders” and target minorities, the economically disadvantaged and the uneducated in an effort to realize huge profits. These lenders charge the borrowers higher rates of interest, require credit insurance products, require exorbitant up-front fees and include prepayment penalties. Most Predatory Lenders require the customer to purchase unnecessary credit insurance products. Additionally, these insurance products are grossly overpriced and essentially worthless to the consumer.

These companies engage in a practice known as “flipping” which involves a borrower constantly being flipped from one loan to another. This practice is extremely profitable to the lender, but devastating to the borrower’s ability to ever pay off the loan.

Another “predatory” practice known as “packing” involves unnecessary property, life and/or disability insurance being placed on the loan for no other reason, except the increased profit.

Another practice of the financial industry is known as “equity stripping” which involves a scheme to get the equity in your home pledged to a high risk separate loan, resulting in consumers losing their homes.

Car Wreck Attorney Mississippi

If you are looking for a car wreck attorney in Mississippi there are several things you should consider in your search. First finding information from an attorney that fits your experience, your particular injuries. Attorneys that you would look to consult should have experience in your particular legal need. They should have worked with people like you. They should be able to show you results in the cases that they have taken in the past.

There are hundreds of attorneys in any legal market, but it is vitally important to consider your options and the reviews of other individuals in your situation when choosing a car wreck attorney in Mississippi. One way to do this is to consult legal recommendation websites such as Avvo or  Martindale Hubble. These services provide a place for normal people to leave their impressions and experience.

Car wreck attorneys in Mississippi will begin to investigate your claim, and provide advice about the other driver’s insurance coverage and any specialist medical treatment you may need as a result of your injuries.

Car Wreck Attorney

Car Wrecks are a leading cause of death and serious injury in the United States.

Yes it is true that a majority of drivers have auto insurance. In Mississippi every driver is required to carry 25,000.00 per person in bodily injury coverage to ensure that injuries done by a driver are paid for. Insurance companies attempt to pay the lowest number that will resolve the claim. Often they are successful because injured people do not know the extent of their injuries or the value of their claim. They simply accept the first offer that is made to them.

The typical message to a client concerning the injuries is do what your doctor tells you, be sure to communicate clearly what you are experiencing, how often you experience it and when this all started.


Personal Injury Attorney in Jackson MS

When you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Jackson MS there are several things you should consider. We think that three categories should be given specific attention: Accessibility, Practice Areas, and Review by other clients.

Personal Injury Attorney

Things to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney in Jackson MS.


How many ways you have to get in touch with and get a response from your attorney is an important consideration that often goes unnoticed. Being Personal Injury attorneys in Jackson MS, we strive to provide several different ways for you to get in touch with us. From email, to our contact us page, and phone there are numerous ways to go and friendly, knowledgeable staff on the other end ready to help. All consultations are free, and we are happy to speak with you about any legal question you might have.

Practice Areas

When considering an attorney you should be able to tell by their content whether they practice in a certain area or not. Our firm practices only in personal injury, and has had experience in many different types of cases as a Personal Injury Attorney in Jackson MS. Our practice areas include, 18-wheeler wrecks, work injuries, car wrecks, spinal injuries, motorcycle wrecks, injuries to joggers, pedestrians and those in motorized vehicles. Making insurance claims in these sorts of cases is something we know how to do, and are happy to talk about to anyone who has been in one of these incidents in a free consultation.


One other thing to look for is how an attorney is rated. We are proud of our superb AVVO rating. Our profile, including testimonials can be found at AVVO. These ratings, can help to give you an idea of other’s experiences with certain attorney, but you should use as many different sources of information that are available to you in order to determine how to proceed with an attorney.

Bicycle Hit by a Car

Even with the new laws protecting bicyclists in Mississippi (John Paul Frerer Act) it is still far too easy for a bicyclist to be hit by a car. Mississippi has recently imposed a three foot of distance when passing law, meaning that automobiles must provide at least three feet of space when passing a bicyclist. This law is meant to prevent additional brain injuries and death due to cars hitting bicyclists.(Bicycle Hit by a Car)

Bicycle Hit by a Car

Bicycles have been given equal footing with cars as a vehicle in Mississippi.

There has been a movement in Mississippi recently to promote vehicles completely changing lanes when passing bicyclists rather than just allowing the minimum of three feet. The reasoning for the statute, and the movement to completely change lanes is good.

On roadways as a bicyclist you may sometimes notice a backdraft as vehicles and big trucks pass by you. The closer these vehicles are to you, the closer these vehicles come to a bicyclist, the more likely the bicyclist is to be destabilized by a truck passing by and crash.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are used as a buzz word by Insurance companies. This name of choice exists because it by definition the conduct leading to these injuries is unintentional and inadvertent. Car wrecks are one of the top causes of injury in the United States. The word accident also makes it difficult to think about deaths and lifetime injuries caused by an automobile accident. While it is true that negligent conduct causes many of wrecks that occur in the United States, careless decisions are often the root cause of automobile accidents. Distracted driving is on the rise, and the choice to pay attention to something other than the road is a decision that often leads to injury.  Another cause of automobile accidents is defective parts in cars.

Most states have laws requiring drivers to carry insurance coverage, but juries will never be told about any coverage.

Negligence is the legal term for whenever someone acts in a way that a reasonable person wouldn’t act. Staring at your cell phone while traveling at highway speeds should automatically fall into that category. The law calls us all to act reasonably, and to use consideration for our fellow men. When an individual’s negligence causes injuries, medical bills, lost work and future medicals the law requires repayment of these amounts as much as possible.

Automobile Accidents

Totaled Car

The amount of damages owed in any injury case is dollar for dollar the amount it would take to fully put an injured person or their family back to the way they were prior to the wreck. There are injuries and changes to a life that money cannot repair, but the job of the jury is to make this determination at trial. What is the cost to a person to live day to day with pain for the rest of your life, or to lose the ability to pick up your children?

In a lawsuit there are times when negligence as a matter of law can be established. This sort of negligence is also called negligence per se, but can be shown where a defendant breaks traffic laws or statutes in causing the wreck. If a wreck is caused as a vehicle drives the wrong way on the road or while the driver is intoxicated.

Passenger Injured in a Wreck Mississippi

In car wrecks passengers are in a unique position. A passenger injured in a Wreck Mississippi  is most often not responsible for a wreck occurring. This doesn’t mean that passengers are less likely to be injured in a wreck.

Passengers face the same sorts of injuries as drivers, broken bones, and neurological damages. Whatever the cause of the wreck, there is someone other than the passenger that will potentially be responsible for paying for the injuries.

In Mississippi Insurance coverage is required for any driver on the road, but juries will never be told in a trial that insurance coverage will pay for the damages they find to be caused by a defendant. Insurance coverage will be necessary to pay for any damage sustained by a passenger and begin the process of putting the passenger’s life back together.

Wreck Mississippi

Injured as a passenger. No fault, same injuries.

Often time making a claim against an insurance company will result in low-ball offers which may not even pay all of your medical bills. Whenever an insurance company makes an initial offer it is always a good idea to talk to a personal injury attorney about this offer prior to accepting it. At the very least your free consultation with one of our Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys can give you peace of mind about your claim, your injuries, lost work, ongoing disability, medical damages and any future medical bills you may have to pay before accepting a settlement.

Contact us today if you would like to speak to an attorney about your claim.


Brain Injury – Concussion, TBI, Brain Bleeds

By the time a person has fully developed their brain consists of 99,000,000 nerve cells working together to allow their body to act, think, feel and even conduct involuntary action. For such a vitally important part of the body it may seem surprising that the brain is soft and fairly easy to brain injury with springy gray matter and more dense bundles of nerves called white matter. The different densities can cause the brain to move at different speeds when the brain is jolted suddenly causing internal damage. (sometimes referred to as axial shearing).

The signs and symptoms of brain injury are very important to diagnose and seek treatment for. Often the individual that has been injured does not know that they have been injured, and may be resistant to getting treatment. Symptoms like nausea, confusion, pupils that are less reactive to light, and headaches can be telltale signs that a brain injury, brain bleed, or concussion has occurred. Any brain injury involving a head trauma will be categorized as a traumatic brain injury. The effect on the functioning on the brain can be as drastic as you might expect if you hit your cell phone with a hammer. The blow may do nothing, but also may be devastating.

brain injury

The brain is a jungle of neural connections.

Often particular areas of the brain are injured by certain types of incidents. For instance, the front part of the brain, the frontal lobe, is often injured by direct contact to the front of the skull or by sudden changes in speed. Injuries to this part of the brain often result in disruption of concentration, and management of emotions. Sometimes this type of injury disrupts brain function in a limited way or for a limited time, other times permanent damage to the brain’s functioning can occur as a result of brain matter (nerve cells dying)

Brain Injury Symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of a brain injury to be on the lookout for:

  • Pain or pressure in the head (headache or migraine),
  • vertigo,
  • vomiting or upset stomach,
  • confusion,
  • lack of ability to focus,
  • fatigue

It is normal for an individual who has suffered a brain injury to not be aware that their functioning has been altered, and it is very important for family members to insist that the individual seek medical treatment and get a CT-scan or MRI of the head.



The best way to determine whether or not an injury to the brain has occurred is to detect a change from normal in the functioning or abilities of the person who has been injured. Normal is called a baseline and should be established prior to the injury by testing and measurements. If there is no baseline it is more difficult to detect an issue and physicians will have to rely on what is average for individuals who are like the injured person.

The symptoms that an injured individual may exhibit may likely get worse throughout the day as the brain struggles to keep up with healing and rerouting signals.

New testing will continue to improve our ability to detect brain injuries and manage them prior to the injured person participating in contact sports or being taken off brain rest.

Often the best thing for an injured individual is rest once the symptoms have stabilized. Brain rest includes low physical activity, low stimulation and proper nutrition. With proper management often symptoms associated with brain injuries improve over time and often improve up to a year after the injury occurs and sometimes disappear completely. This is because the brain is remarkably capable of healing itself and rerouting signals, a trait that is called plasticity by neurologists and neuropsychologists.



What to expect in a Mississippi Car Wreck Insurance Claim

Claims process

Immediately after a wreck (for Wreck Insurance Claim) the people who were in the wreck will exchange information and the police officer who responds to the scene will attempt to gather the facts of the wreck. It will be necessary for you to gather as much information as possible at the scene of the wreck. Photos, and information for any witnesses who may have seen the wreck. It is also important to look around for video cameras near the scene of the wreck  as well as these systems often record over old footage in a matter of days. A personal injury attorney will make sure to obtain these videos as quickly as possible.

In the days following the wreck a claims representative from your or the other driver’s insurance company will attempt to call you and take a statement about how the wreck occurred. It is not in your best interest, and this can be used against you later as your case progresses. Once you hire a Mississippi personal injury attorney your case will continue on and you should be protected from many of the pitfalls that commonly occur to individuals who represent themselves in personal injury actions.

Initial Offer

Often insurance companies will attempt to settle a claim early to avoid having to pay the full value of a claim. Insurance companies settle up to 95% of claims with an early settlement that is some fraction of the actual value of the claim or the potential future lost wages and necessary future medical treatment.


insurance settlement

Insurance Releases often release any claim forever.

When you receive an initial offer from an insurance company you should seek out a personal injury attorney who offers a free consultation and let them talk you through the value of your claim and what you may be giving up by signing a release and forever giving up your claim.


Representation by a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney will likely be on a contingency fee basis. This means that nothing will be paid to this attorney and the attorney will advance any necessary legal expenses up until the point when the case is settled. The attorney’s fee will be paid as a percentage of the total amount of recovery. This means that your attorney has every incentive to ensure that you are paid the full value of your claim. (Some high percentage of what a jury would likely award at trial).

Claims packet

As you finish treatment with the doctors who have taken over your care, your attorney will request these bills and records as well as future prognosis of what other medical treatment you may require. Your attorney will also gather additional information concerning your losses, lost work and future treatment and make each of these a part of a demand packet to be sent to the insurance company, with some deadline of when the insurance company has to respond to the lawsuit.

Finished product.

IF a fair settlement value is offered by the insurance company, it may be possible to settle the claim without the need to file the lawsuit. If a fair value is not offered your attorney may file the lawsuit and begin litigation of your case, looking forward to the day your claim will eventually be heard by a jury.