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Brain Injury – Concussion, TBI, Brain Bleeds

By the time a person has fully developed their brain consists of 99,000,000 nerve cells working together to allow their body to act, think, feel and even conduct involuntary action. For such a vitally important part of the body it may seem surprising that the brain is soft and fairly easy to brain injury with springy gray matter and more dense bundles of nerves called white matter. The different densities can cause the brain to move at different speeds when the brain is jolted suddenly causing internal damage. (sometimes referred to as axial shearing). The signs and symptoms of brain injury are very important to diagnose and seek treatment for. Often the individual that has been injured does not know that they have been injured, and may be resistant to getting…
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Jackson Bike Wreck Attorney

Bicycles are a staple of our communities and provide healthy, affordable transportation. It is unfortunate that bicycles have to share the roadways with cars and 18-wheelers. This shared space leads to wrecks caused by distracted drivers and drivers who do not follow the rules of the road with regard to bikes. If you are injured in a bike wreck the process of putting your life back together starts immediately.  You will want to talk with a Mississippi Jackson Bike Wreck Attorney. There are immediate questions you likely have and action steps you need to take in any situation where a bike has been hit on a roadway. Contact a Jackson Bike Wreck Attorney An easy first step is to contact a Jackson Bike Wreck Attorney for a free consultation. Our…
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Brain Damaging Injuries in Mississippi

Traumatic brain injury, is typically caused when the head receives a blow or the skull hits a solid object. These injuries are often abbreviated TBI and the forces involved involve forward and back strain as well as twisting type strain due to the combination of solid and soft tissues in the cranium. When the brain and body are moving in a certain direction at speed and then stop quickly the brain tends to keep moving and pushes against the side of the skull. The effects of Brain Damaging Injuries in Mississippi can include unconsciousness, concussive type symptoms but do not always manifest themselves in this way. Often individuals get up and walk away from the initial blow but continue on with worsening symptoms that if untreated may only worsen. Even…
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