Bicycle Hit by a Car

Even with the new laws protecting bicyclists in Mississippi (John Paul Frerer Act) it is still far too easy for a bicyclist to be hit by a car. Mississippi has recently imposed a three foot of distance when passing law, … Continue reading

Mississippi Bicycle Safety

There are several general rules to be followed in general bicycle safety in Mississippi. Wear head protection; Test your bike before beginning to ride; Don’t be distracted by music or a cell phone; Make sure you are visible; wear reflective … Continue reading

Distracted Drivers and Bicycle Wrecks

All over the country individuals continue to choose to use cell phones while operating cars and trucks. Activities like texting, emailing, surfing the internet and even looking up a phone number take the focus and attention of the driver off … Continue reading

Bicyclists Should Carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage

We have had several cases where bicyclists have had traumatic injuries due to a car hitting them as they rode their bike these individuals utilized their uninsured motorist coverage on their vehicle auto insurance to pay for some of their … Continue reading

Car Wrecks: Hit While Riding a Horse

Mississippi still has places where horses and vehicles (cars and trucks) are sharing the road. The number of horses being ridden in Mississippi means that if roadways or trails are shared by cars and horses that cars and trucks could … Continue reading

Mississippi Drinking and Driving Wrongful Death Attorney

Among causes of death in Mississippi Automobile wrecks and crashes account for roughly 195 deaths per year, making these deaths the 14th leading cause of death overall. The deaths in this statistic include motorcycle deaths, 18-wheeler deaths and pedestrian or … Continue reading