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Even with the new laws protecting bicyclists in Mississippi (John Paul Frerer Act) it is still far too easy for a bicyclist to be hit by a car. Mississippi has recently imposed a three foot of distance when passing law, meaning that automobiles must provide at least three feet of space when passing a bicyclist. This law is meant to prevent additional brain injuries and death due to cars hitting bicyclists.(Bicycle Hit by a Car)

Bicycle Hit by a Car
Bicycles have been given equal footing with cars as a vehicle in Mississippi.

There has been a movement in Mississippi recently to promote vehicles completely changing lanes when passing bicyclists rather than just allowing the minimum of three feet. The reasoning for the statute, and the movement to completely change lanes is good. For more posts from our blog on bicycles click here.

On roadways as a bicyclist you may sometimes notice a backdraft as vehicles and big trucks pass by you. The closer these vehicles are to you, the closer these vehicles come to a bicyclist, the more likely the bicyclist is to be destabilized by a truck passing by and crash.


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