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Located in Jackson, Mississippi the Jones Law Firm practices in personal injury, wrongful death, 18-wheeler wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, slip and fall, insurance claims,  as well as workers compensation, wills, estates, social security appeals, and other areas.


Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Injury to the body can complicate life to no end, or even end life. Our firm exists to help guide and counsel those who have been injured by providing a free consultation from a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney concerning your injuries and how to make things right. When this injury is someone else’s fault payment of a claim by an insurance company is often an option. The amount is determined by the injuries and the coverage provided by any insurance policy. Contact our firm now for a free consultation, peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

For immediate help with you personal injury claim, call us for a free consultation.

18-wheeler Wrecks

Truckers, the drivers of 18-wheelers and other heavy equipment are trained under Federal regulations to drive cautiously and to safeguard to ensure that avoidable wrecks do not occur. This training includes ensuring that they always have enough time to maintain their lane to stop their vehicle and not rear end another vehicle. This training also includes traveling at a safe speed, and not driving while distracted. When a trucker ignores his training and acts in an unsafe manner catastrophic injury and death often occur. We handle 18-wheeler cases and are standing by to speak with you about your claim and your injuries.

For more information on Mississippi 18- wheeler wrecks, check out our blog.

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Wrongful Death

Any time an injury is severe enough to result in death Mississippi Code §11-7-13 provides a framework for how parties are to proceed in making a claim. Claims involving wrongful death often are much more complicated than other personal injury claims and will seek to replace the entire value of the life. It often takes special attention and representation by counsel to successfully resolve these claims.

For more on Wrongful Death Claims, find the linked information on our blog.

Bicycle Wreck with an Automobile

The difference in size and weight between a bicyclist or pedestrian and an automobile often makes these wrecks very serious. In these claims it is sometimes not clear if insurance coverage will provide fully for the loss and injury. Mississippi law provides for full compensation for the injury which will include medical bills, pain and suffering, lost work, ongoing care, loss of ability to perform activities around the house. Our blog contains vital information for bicyclists who are injured by automobiles, and how to protect yourself before an injury occurs.

Additional information on bicycle wrecks, new legislation and bike safety can be found on our blog.


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The Firm

Nestled in the historic Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi, the Jones Law firm takes every opportunity to put the needs of the client first. Many personal injury cases involve huge medical bills, pain and suffering, a change in quality of life and missed work. Careful planning and the help of a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney at each step of the litigation process can ensure that the client is made whole, and able to recover in each of the areas provided for by Mississippi personal injury law.

Blog Categories

We provide what we hope is very useful information concerning Personal Injury claims, Bicycle Safety, Wrongful Death Brain Injury on our blog. Along with the injuries themselves we provide articles outlining the signs and symptoms you may experience if you have a more serious injury that sometimes occurs in these cases.

Instant Free Consultation with a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney

Our firm can be reached in a number of different ways from the instant chat below, to email and phone consultation. The purpose of a free, no-obligation, consultation is to inform you of your rights and give you peace of mind that either you have found the right attorney, or that there may be some other option for your claim.

In Mississippi every personal injury claim has to be brought between certain time periods from the incident or knowledge of the incident, this is called the statute of limitations. Having a plan and knowing your next step will ensure that your claim is not dismissed due to the statute of limitations. Contact an attorney today to protect your rights.

Workers Compensation – Injury on the Job

Often when a worker is injured at work Workers Compensation will cover medical bills and a portion of lost wages. Workers compensation is a form of insurance that provides benefits to injured workers whether there was fault or not. It is often best in all types of personal injury claims to consult with an attorney early in order to ensure that the claims are handled properly from the beginning.

Find more on Workers Compensation claims in Mississippi in our blog posts on the topic.

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